Lifestyle Business Owner Academy

The Most Comprehensive Online Course To Help You Own a Business That Runs Without You

Have you ever wanted to own a profitable business that runs without you? How did Aaron Muller become the owner of business after business that runs without him? Learn how you can start from scratch, buy a business, grow its profits, and turn it into an operation that runs without you. Learn from the comfort of your own home in this comprehensive, step-by-step online course. No experience required.



The #1 Conference To Attend If You Want To Buy A Good Business

This is a two-day event where Aaron and Mayumi Muller bring their team of advisors to help you buy a good business. Meet their lenders, CPAs, attorneys, analysts, and like-minded people who can support you to buy a good business. You will walk away with the strategies, confidence, and contacts you need to buy a good business. Next event: Seattle, WA in early 2019.


The Inner Circle

Aaron and Mayumi Muller's Private Mastermind Group

Get personalized help on your specific situation. Get hands-on coaching from Aaron Muller, Mayumi Muller, and their team of advisors. Get VIP seating and back-stage access at our live events. 

Free Training Webinar Reveals...

"My Weird Strategy That Made Me $106,768 During My First Month in Business...

And How To ETHICALLY Do This Without Any Guesswork!"

What You'll Learn On This FREE Training Web Class:

"How To Get Hundreds of Customers The First Day You're In Business"

"How To Own A Successful Business Without Money Or Prior Experience"

"How To Predict If A Business Idea Will Make You Money With 100% Accuracy"

** Plus - Get A FREE Video Training Series On How To Own A Business That Runs Without You Just For Registering For The Web Class Today!