Lifestyle Business Owner Academy

The world's only online course that teaches how you can start from scratch, buy a business, grow your profits, and make the business run without you

What You Will Learn

Ever dreamed of owning a small business in your community? Ever wanted to make a 6-figure income and work as little as 5 hours a week because your employees run the business everyday, not you? Get ready to revolutionize your business and change your life with Lifestyle Business Owner Academy.


How to grow your revenues using advanced marketing strategies


How to build a winning team and reduce the stresses of having employees


How to set up systems to make your business run smoothly


How to read financial statements to increase your profitability


How to make your business run without you

Online marketing

How to dominate your local market using online strategies

Buy a Business

How to buy a good business that makes you profitable from day one


Those who sign up during early registration will receive surprise bonuses

“It's time for small businesses to thrive. It's time for you to own a business that runs without you.”
— Aaron and Mayumi Muller



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