Winning the Inner Game of Business

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On this segment of the Lifestyle Business Owner Show, Mayumi and Aaron Muller sitdown with Collin Henderson, creator and founder of Project Rise, a personal
development platform to help individuals, teams, businesses, and schools perform at their very best.

Being a college athlete, Collin understood what it took to create positive team morale and he turned that passion into his purpose now.  Collin decided to make a shift in his mental game and focus his energy on himself and from there his business, book and previous companies have flourished!

"The average CEO reads 5 books per month and the average American reads 3 books per year. There is no excuse to not get educated."

Reading became his outlet and he started investing time and energy not into Netflix or magazines, but books. He preaches that in order to change your happiness, you need to change your habits. The secret to being happy is to start investing in yourself first and conditioning yourself into a stronger mindset.

Learn how to buy a business, grow your profits and make it run without you.

Mastering your mindset. Be open and have the courage to overcome your fears. Find your self worth and then build from it. Master your mindset and start living your fullest life.

  • Be vulnerable.
    • As a leader, if you can go to a customer or teammate and be up front, it will bring you strength and courage.
  • Don’t talk the talk, walk the walk!
    • Not only is mindset the first challenge to overcome, but also applying yourself and living up to your words.
  • Stop with the self-deprecating humor.
    • Do not make your flaws a laughing manor and put those negative thoughts into your subconscious. Be proud of your flaws and don’t entertain the idea.
  • Attack & Compete.
    • If you are going to achieve your goal, do it at full speed because you never know the outcomes and more importantly, the opportunities that will arise when you are putting your full effort into it.


Learn how to buy a business, grow your profits & make it run without you.

5 ways to become a Lifestyle Business Owner.  What do you want to do with your time and how much money do you really need to live?

  1. Stepping away completely and taking less money. Hire a manager. Get
    your business to the point where it can become more profitable in the end
  2. Step away completely and find other businesses to invest in. Create a
    system, grow your profit and expand your employees.
  3. Own several businesses of the same kind. You love it, you know it and you
    can replicate it!
  4. Stepping out half way. Hiring an assistant manager to visualize your
    business working without you.
  5. Find a different career and keep your business while you get a job.



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