Using Videos in Your Marketing

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On this segment of the Lifestyle Business Owner Show, Mayumi and Aaron Muller sit down with Kevin Maude, founder and CEO of B47 Studios. The Seattle based production company works side-by-side with their clients, enabling creativity, authenticity and effective story telling.  Kevin has dedicated over 16 years helping businesses produce engaging videos and innovative content, while providing cost-effective solutions for small businesses. 

Videos provide insight to all viewers which allows you to demonstrate what people are to expect--you are showcasing what your can produce! Not only are you gaining visibility for your brand but you are reinforcing the confidence you have in your company through storytelling.  Keeping audience attention often times is challenging, but using social media platforms and integrating your targeted videos allows for organic engagement to wider reach. 



Why should business owners consider using videos in for their marketing?  If you are looking for video marketing and trying to budget, you shouldn't count out videos just yet.  Creating videos around your business allows customers to see the inside and more personal side of your business which establishes trust and strengthens the integrity of your company.  

  1. Video marketing allows businesses to express exactly what the brand is trying to convey and customer can experience brand engagement much closer than a static image.  
  2. From your website to your social media, deploying video and leveraging it across multiple platforms is the key.
  3. Tell your story with video, visual or text based will intrigue your audience.
  4. Capture your audience in the first 5 seconds and keep them engaged
  5. Make sure your content is clear and concise in order to effectively display your message 
  6. Get in front of the right audience, you want them to be receptive and supportive


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Selling your business

People sell their businesses for various reasons but whatever the reason, don't judge! 

  1. Find a Business Broker
    • Look for someone with experience related to your industry. 
  2. Interview the Broker
    • How are they going to sell your business?
    • What is their plan?
    • Procedures to endure confidentiallity 
  3. Marketing Material 
    • Prepared to deliver materials to prospects
    • Represents your company well
  4. Evaluation
    • Find a broker (no appraiser needed)
    • Realistic selling price + broker's market knowledge 
  5. Finances
    • Negotiate payment structure before hand
    • Does your broker have good relationships with banks?
  6. Escrow Attorney 
    • Ensure everything is fair. 


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