Removing what Eric calls, Vision Blockers

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On this segment of the Lifestyle Business Owner Show, Aaron and Mayumi Muller welcome Eric Scroggins.   Eric is the author of the book Vision Blockers, professional keynote speaker, pastor, business consultant, and recognized business leader.

He has worked in both corporate and non-profit enterprises bringing leadership expertise, motivation, and strategic thinking to each assignment. Eric is most noted for transforming organizations and creating exceptional performance through proven sales techniques, improving customer service, and helping employees engage more effectively.

His passion is to help others reach new heights by overcoming barriers and turning their careers or businesses into personal success stories. Eric is also the founder of M6 Global Resources, a not for profit resource generator bringing assistance to people around the world.


What made you write your book, Vision Blockers?

  • I spent a lot of time working with individuals and I found that people were not clear about what they wanted to do and be.  Once the vision blockers were removed, people were then able to find clarity and seek out what they wanted by removing barriers. 
  • Fear keeps people from achieving their dreams and keeps people from following their passions. I want to remove that so everyone feels empowered to follow their vision and have a CLEAR idea of what that looks like and how to get there. 

What are some of the challenges small business owners?

  1. Understanding their role: not controlling everything. 
  2. Provide tools and boost confidence and not be insecure in their decision making process

I want to get better at sales but I hate getting rejected, what can I do to get better at sales?
  • "No" is not a rejection and it's good to change your mind set when going into sales.  You're not going to make one cold call and make the deal, you need to build your relationship with your client.
  • In the back of your mind, you need to change your mindset to "I'm going to get this deal." So, show your client your confidence and let them hear you out so they feel more comfortable accepting the deal.   
In your book, you talk about how you bought an auto repair shop when you had no idea about cars.  I really like the idea and am also thinking about buying a shop. How can I talk to customers without sounding clueless about cars, if the service manager that you hired ever gets sick or quits on me?  
  • I talk to my customers just normally and would use "layman's" terms (not specific) in my conversations.  I also have my technicians explain each terminology upon question so that I also can give a brief answer back to the customer and somewhat have an idea of what I am talking about. 
  • The customer actually likes this better because once you get too technical is when the information gets lost in conversation.  Overall, just relate with your customer, treat them how you would like to be treated in their situation and keep it simple.  
When I get into business, is it better to sign a longterm lease to lock in a good lease rate, or should I keep the lease short to remain flexible?  
  • Unless you are a proven and well run business already and things are going great, then you should take the ten year lease because you will eventually get a better rate.  The other way you can do it (if you are just starting out) is to take the 5 year lease and then get a 5 year option on it.  



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