How To Sell With Stories

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On segments one and two of the Lifestyle Business Owner, Aaron and Mayumi Muller conducts a phone interview with Tom Jackobs, also known as an Impact Pilot. He helps small business owners convert leads into the best clients they could ever want!   

Tom has been an entrepreneur for 30 years.  He has been a contributor to CBS Radio in Houston, a guest on Great Day Houston, Univision, Fox 26 news and the CW Houston.  

He sold his fitness business a year ago to start teaching entrepreneurs how to us stories to sell.  His impact selling system and dramatic impact story academy have been giving his clients tons of success in their business by drastically increasing their sales effectiveness.  

In segment three, you hear directly from Mayumi and Aaron where they talk about the street smarts of small business on how to buy a business, grow your profits and make it run without you, while also discussing how to get the most out of your business when you are selling.

In segment four, Aaron answers the following questions: 

  • Can you talk about the mindset of people who succeed at becoming lifestyle business owners vs. the mindset of the people who don’t make it?
  • I am brand new to the idea of buying a business. I don’t have any money, and I know that one of the strategies you teach is borrowing money from family and friends to get the down payment you need to buy a business. Here’s my problem: since I don’t have any experience, I am afraid that I would lose the money I’ve borrowed from people. Do you have any recommendations for people with no money and no experience?
  • I am in the process of negotiating a business purchase. The seller won’t talk to me directly. All the communications are coming through the seller’s broker, and it’s really hard for me to gauge how the seller is feeling. When they say no, I can’t tell if it’s an absolute no, or if they are bluffing and trying to play hardball to negotiate things in their favor. How do you negotiate effectively when you can’t communicate with the decision maker on the other side directly?

Learn to Buy a Business... Without Using Your Own Money