How to Run Social Media Ad Campaigns

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On this segment of the Lifestyle Business Owner Radio Show, Aaron and Mayumi Muller sit down with millennial marketers, Ben Matteucci, Brennan Zielinski and Carter Steinhoff whom make up the ZIMA Marketing team.  These guys know the 'ins' and 'outs' of every social media strategy from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter to Google.  Media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are useful additions for businesses, to expose the face behind the business which allows customers to relate with the business owner(s) and the team.  

Step 1: Facebook advertisement  

Step 2: Landing page 

Step 3: Direct the user somewhere else

Regardless of your industry, if you are trying to reach more potential customers-- social media is the way to go.  The social media platform(s) you use, will depend on the audience you are targeting. The businesses that are growing the fastest have one major factor in common: WEBSITE SIMPLICITY!  Put your trust in a team to integrate your marketing, website design, SEO and social media management for your company.  



The landing page will sell and capture the attention of the user.  You need to ensure that the landing page is simple to navigate, intuitive and direct.  Social media platforms collect data, related to where customers shop, search and buy and with this information, social media team such as ZIMA can better target audiences for their clients.  Targeted marketing ads, ClickFunnels and Google AdWords are necessary services marketing companies can provide, but how do you keep that in your budget? 

$ $ $

Paid ads start at $5/ day and from there, you can scale the effect(s) the post has.  From there you can decide whether to continue with the idea and pay more to promote it, or kill it. If you haven't found a marketing team you have liked yet, you should seek out a company that is results driven so you can scale how much new business you are acquiring.  This allows you to monitor your post's success, your conversion on the landing page and better drive your message to your target audience.  



Do you want to dominate your social media platforms? Whether you are currently using a marketing team's expertise or not-- you need to get your priorities in order. Find out how to effectively manage and maintain your social media and web presence by following 3 simple steps:

  1. E Y E S  O N  T H E  P R I Z E
    • Focus on being the best in your industry 
    • Stop worrying about your 'competition'

  2. M A X I M U M   E X P O S U R E 
    • Set up your marketing foundation
    • Grow your digital footprint
    • Be reputable and verified
  3. D I V E R S I F Y  
    • Involve yourself in as many forms of social media 
    • Old-Fashioned sales calls
    • 'Mom & Pop shop' customer service mentality 
    • Feedback and Referrals 



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