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On this segment of the Lifestyle Business Owner Show, Mayumi and Aaron Muller sit down with Scott Swerland, a successful entrepreneur. Scott is the CEO of SST Group LLC, a chain of 82 tanning salons, including Seattle Sun Tan and Desert Sun tanning salons. Scott explains in this episode how small business owners can multiply their business model.

Scott started working when he was just 9 years old, working for his grandfather in their family clothing business. By his senior year in high school, he owned various car-detailing businesses where he had 20 employees working for him. A few years later, Scott got his degree in entrepreneurship at USC and now is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Seattle area.

In 2004 Seattle Sun Tan had just started, by 2008 there were 5 stores and by the end of 2012 there were almost 100 tanning salons. Last year there were 3.2 million
customers going into these tanning salons and they continue to grow their numbers.



How do you stay consistent through out your businesses?

  • We strive off our great teams that really focus on the customer experience. We as consumers have so many options, as a business owner, you have to be ahead of the customer experience and take care of your clients.

What are the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs and business owners make?

  • Some of the most difficult things to do are to hire people that motivate you and that are better than you. Having teams that believe in your mission and goals, understand what it takes to be successful. Think to yourself, is this profitable?  Don’t build just to build and don’t hire just to hire.

What challenges and benefits have you faced with partnerships?

  • Partnerships should have clear understandings of what the strengths and
    weaknesses are of each and every one of your partners, including looking at yourself and owning your own strengths and weaknesses. If your partnership doesn’t have some failures, then you are not changing and growing as an entrepreneur.
  • Some partnerships can also help fund massive growth. Having great financial partners can push your business over that ledge towards greatness.


Learn how to buy a business, grow your profits and make it run without you

1. What advice do you have for putting up a successful booth at a trade
show? What can I do to get my most bang for my buck at the trade

  • There is no need to buy accessories to hand out because they end up just being bags full of stuff. Invest your money in having a really nice display and
    brochures. Be kind to people, personable and willing to talk and promote your
    business. Save your money!

2. How do I sell books if selling is not my cup of tea?

  • It is a long process and its okay! The Internet is great way to showcase your
    book through the media and amazon can really help you market your book. Do as much as you can to give your book away such as book signing or encouraging people write reviews for you.

3. I do not have the time or money to grow my business but I need to hire employees to keep my business going, how can I afford this?

  • Figure out how to cut your expenses somewhere else to hire your employees and grow your business. This will open up your ability to grow that business. You can’t afford not to hire employees; take a step back and hire!

4. What is the difference in mindset between successful business owners and unsuccessful business owners?

  • Mindset is key. Successful business owners take the good with the bad. They
    learn from it, grow and then implement it in another way. Unsuccessful business owners are stubborn and not willing to accept failure. They are not willing to grow because they are so stuck in their ways. You have o go into your business thinking you will be successful.


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