How To Make $100,000+ A Year By Flipping Houses Virtually Without Tech Skills, Experience, Or Ever Using Your Own Money

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On segments one and two of the Lifestyle Business Owner, Aaron and Mayumi Muller conduct a phone interview with Justin Wilmot, a successful real estate investor who loves to share what he's learned with others!

Over the last 10 years, he has built four companies in different industries that have grossed over $10,000,000 in combined revenue. Today, he coaches and teaches people how to spend less time working in real estate investing using his techniques and strategies.

He has helped over 10,000 students gain financial freedom, and 2,000 people quit their jobs and start living life on their terms. Justin thoroughly enjoys helping aspiring investors get in the game and create successful investment companies that forever change the direction of their lives.

In segment three, you hear directly from Mayumi and Aaron where they talk about the street smarts of small business on how to buy a business, grow your profits and make it run without you, while also discussing how to get the most out of your business when you are selling.

In segment four, Aaron answers the following questions: 

  • You’ve talked about how it only takes 10% to 25% down to buy a business. However, I don’t even have the money to put 10% to 25% down. You’ve talked about sweat equity and buying into the company you work for. In my case, I’ve spent the last 13 years working for a large corporation, and I don’t think upper management has any incentive to sell me a portion of the company I work at. How can I buy a business if I simply don’t have the money?
  • I am looking for an advisor who can help me buy a good business. The problem is – I don’t know who will give me objective advice. If I hire a business broker to represent me, it may be true that the broker represents me, but the fact is that the broker only makes a commission if I buy a business, and the broker doesn’t get paid if I never buy anything, so the broker has the incentive to talk me into buying a business. If I hire an attorney to give me advice, the attorney doesn’t want to be sued for getting me into something risky, so the attorney has the incentive to talk me out of deals. It seems that the advisors have their own incentives, which make their advice not totally objective. Who can I really trust for objective advice when I am buying a business?
  • I am looking for a business that is easy to run. What do you suggest?

How to Buy a Business from Start to Finish