How To Get Top Value For Your House in Today’s Market

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On this segment of the Lifestyle Business Owner Show, Mayumi and Aaron Muller sit down with a friendly face, Matt Steel. Matt has been a successful real estate broker for over a decade as well as doing home makeovers for Intext Staging where he advises homeowners how to sell their houses for top dollar.Matt’s burning desire to support his families needs is what fuels his passion for wha the does. He adapts to the market and does not let ‘fear’ take over his opportunities.
Positivity and a go-get- it attitude is what keeps Matt focused and allows him to
attend to all of his clients needs. Learn more about how Matt Steel treats his job as a business and not just a sales job!


How to get the most for your home in today’s crazy market?

  • Get involved
  • Educate yourself
  • Invest in yourself: Know your skillset

How do you know where to put your marketing dollars?

  • Put it into yourself!
  • Know what value you have and what your strengths are
  • Its not about what your getting, its about what you are going to sell
  • What’s your budget?
  • Find your needs

What’s different today about yesterday?

  • Stability of market
  • Everyone who wants to do good and succeed in the market, has the ability to
    do so
  • This is your time!


Learn how to buy a business, grow your profits and make it run without you.

Different types of partnerships: All partnerships are key to building towards your
company’s success. Here are some different ways you can utilize a partnership.

  • Friends
  • Investors
  • Married couples (family businesses)
  • Mutual goals with a peer (same vision and results)
  • Significant others


  • Friends: Getting into a business with a friend could cross the line with a
    personal versus a business relationship. Be mindful that the results may get
  • Investors: With lack of communication, there may be different expectations
    as well as a lack of value for your time.
  • Married Couples: Divorce. Leave the work place outside of your home
  • Mutual Goals: You don’t necessarily know the other person personally



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