How To Get Good Reviews On Yelp

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In segments one and two of the Lifestyle Business Owner, Aaron and Mayumi Muller sit down with Seattle's Local Business Partner, Christy Augsburger, who is building a thriving network of business owners by connecting them with one another.  She hosts a series of local events to provide business owners with resources that help them succeed and grow.

Christy is also the local Yelp For Business Owners expert in the Emerald City. She provides training for local business organizations upon request and also regularly takes actionable feedback from the Seattle business community to the different business owner-focused divisions at Yelp HQ.

In segment three, you hear directly from Mayumi and Aaron where they talk about the street smarts of small business on how to buy a business, grow your profits and make it run without you, while also discussing how to get the most out of your business when you are selling.

In segment four, Aaron answers the following questions: 

  • My business broker tells me that there are certain hot industries where I have to pay a high multiple for the business, and other industries that are not as hot where businesses are not valued at crazy multiples. What’s your opinion of these hot industries that have a lot of buyers? Is it better to buy a business in one of these hot industries and end up paying more for the business, or is it better to buy a business in an industry with fewer buyers so I don’t have to pay so much for the same amount of cash flow?
  • Are there certain businesses that are easy to run, and certain businesses that are hard to run? Or are they all equally hard to run?
  • There are a number of experts who teach people how to build an online business. You are the only expert I know of who advocates for brick-and-mortar businesses. Why do you like brick-and-mortar businesses better than online businesses? Doesn’t it cost a lot more money to buy or start a brick-and-mortar business compared to an online business?

How to Buy a Business from Start to Finish