How To Find Great Employees

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On this segment of the Lifestyle Business Owner Show, Aaron and Mayumi Muller welcome Mike Reynolds, the district manager for Aaron and Mayumi’s automotive repair shops.  With a background in business ownership, Mike has been motivating and producing unparalleled results for the auto shops for years. From the interviewing process to being hired onto the team, Mike and Aaron have cultivated a productive work environment for all of their employees and coworkers. 

When choosing employees for your team, small business owners should hire people whom take pride and ownership in the work they produce.  Business owners should be communicative, organized, ambitious and trusting of their employees and management team.  Keeping great employees is easy when you pay appropriately, encourage individual and company growth, seek to increase productivity and team morale by hitting attainable goals and creating an inviting and welcoming work environment.   


When hiring, it is imperative to be decisive and ready to grow. When you have a team that is consistently striving to expand and move in a continuous upward direction—you need to trust the people you have in power when you aren’t there.  When small business owners are direct, motivating and hard-working, employees are trained correctly on what you expect. Four tricks for creating and maintaining a positive work environment for you and your employees are:

  1. Adapt and overcome
  2. If you’re charging top dollar—look top dollar
  3. Set proper expectations
  4. Give direction and trust the process

Regardless of the industry, business owners must remember that customer satisfaction is the #1 goal.  Your team must understand that they play a pivotal role since they are interacting with the customers day in and day out.  Accountability plays a major role when motivating your employees to strive to produce the results you expect--hold your team accountable and reward the team's success!



The most important factors are often times left out because business owners overlook the smaller details.  Business owners must learn how to hire the best people in the industry and keep them motivated, productive and continue to produce superstar players. 

  • Listen to your teammates
    • Give credit where it is deserved
  • Communicate and report to your crew
    • If you want your business to produce the best results, you have to ensure your team feels heard and understood.
  • Be overly understanding and quick to respond to needs
  • Honor behavior which is exceeding your expectations 
  • The best thing is when employees run the business like it’s theirs
  • Give 100%. Get 100%



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