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On this segment on The Lifestyle Business Owner show, Aaron and Mayumi Muller welcome Diane Najm, CEO and founder of PhotoPad, a simple and beautiful way to design your story and visually brand your business.  PhotoPad simplifies social networking for businesses with a ‘magazine’ style platform increasing customer interaction and allowing the customers to know you and your business through visual storytelling.

After launching the PhotoPad For Scrapbook Facebook App in 2010, Najm was frequently approached by business owners in desperate need to brand their business—and Diane listened. In 2015, Photopad was launched providing users an all-inclusive content marketing platform for businesses that allows business owners to manage and design multi-channel social media posts with a simple, all-in-one, design tool.



As business owners, one of the challenges we face is getting the word out about our business--and fighting through the social media clutter to do so.  Tools such as Photopad, have enabled businesses to showcase their core values, events, growth and interests while simultaneously engaging with their customers on a personal level. PhotoPad creates long term connections--you’re watching other businesses evolve and grow and you’re with them during the process. Get connected, support your local businesses, establish relationships.



Choose marketing platforms that represent you and your business effectively and relay the message you want customers to receive.  Share the events in that occur in your day-to-day lives: your employees happily working together, new projects you're developing, or a silent auction for charity--authenticity is key.  Here are a few ways businesses can ease into the arena of effectively branding their business:

#1 Start By Sharing 

  • Instill trust allowing other to see the "behind the scenes" activities that you partake in daily. 
  • Allow your audience to experience your growth process from the beginning to the end.
  • Personal stories about who you are as a business creates positive reinforcement for your businesses and your brand.

#2 Versatility: Mix It Up!

  • Stand out on social media platforms by diversifying  your content in your posts.
    • Graphics, photos, videos and live stories.

#3 What works?

  • Identify what marketing strategies interest you and go from there.
  • Manage your time, efforts and expectations.
  • Fear can be limiting--explore your options!



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