How To Become A Great Business Leader

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On segments one and two of the Lifestyle Business Owner, Aaron and Mayumi Muller conduct a phone interview with Greg Gray, owner of a business advisory firm called Gray Solutions.  

After a successful twenty plus year career in the Manufacturing and Service Industries, Gregory Gray left the corporate world in 2010 to pursue his purpose of developing incredible leaders and teams supported by high performance cultures, as a Leadership and Business Consultant. He also has owned several businesses along the way.

His business advisory firm, Gray Solutions, is built around one common principal, to help you find your purpose and joy in life and your business. Whether you desire freedom of time, wealth or purpose his team can help. They offer executive and business coaching, along with courses, programs and workshops specifically designed to effect positive transformation so you can realize your desired vision and lifestyle.

Gregory is the father of two daughters, ages 16 and 14, and has been married for 21 years to his best friend Kim. They live south of Nashville on a farm where they raise grass fed beef and lamb. They love their lifestyle and are living their vision daily.

In segment three, you hear directly from Mayumi and Aaron where they talk about the street smarts of small business on how to buy a business, grow your profits and make it run without you, while also discussing how to get the most out of your business when you are selling.

In segment four, Aaron answers the following questions: 

  • I’ve been listening to your podcast for the last three months, and I really appreciate all the business lessons you’re teaching. It’s rare to find people who walk the talk, and you are definitely those people. I want to buy a good business, and you’ve talked about being the smart guy in a dummy industry. That makes a lot of sense because I can really stand out if most of my competitors are not very business-savvy. I guess my question is: What are the dummy industries? How do I tell if business owners in an industry are business-savvy or not?
  • I just read your book The Lifestyle Business Owner, and I loved it. In your book, you talk about how you and your partner ran a retail business that struggled. You decided to walk away, and your partner decided to stick it out. My business hasn’t been doing well, and I am trying to decide whether to walk away or stick it out. How do you decide whether or not to keep going when you have a struggling business?
  • Is there any business I can buy and run part-time? Or do I have to run the business full-time once I buy it?

How to Buy a Business from Start to Finish