How Search Engine Optimization Has Changed

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On this segment of the Lifestyle Business Owner Radio Show, Aaron and Mayumi Muller sit down with Woody Hertzog, founder of WormWood SEO.  Since 2008, Woody has seen a tremendous change in SEO and Social Media Marketing throughout all industries.  Operating in over 5 metropolitan markets, WormWood SEO enables their client’s websites to show up at the top of major search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo.  

The riffs caused by search engine optimization complexities, come to no surprise for companies similar to Hertzog's.  Small business owners spend countless hours (and dollars), attempting to navigate the ever changing SEO and marketing platforms, in hopes to be recognized by the masses.  The continuous changes companies like Google and Bing bring, open up opportunities for proactive expansion by casting a wider net.  Google, Yahoo and Bing seek out relevant, unique and deep content. Now is the right time to build your brand, following and content materials--especially if you're thinking about SEO.



Whether you are just getting your first business started or own multiple already, it is important to build a solid foundation regarding digital services and your online presence.  Google looks for businesses to have relevant, unique and original content on your website to categorize your search results appropriately.  Voice search helpers (Alexa, Amazon)  pull from mobile search results and enable users to receive information without the key words being typed.   

These sort of innovative search engines have enabled companies of all industries to cast wider nets and really capitalizing on 'getting the word out' for your business.  With such specific algorithms, it's important we leave our company's SEO to the engineers! 


Here on the Lifestyle Business Owner Radio Show, we continuously emphasize the importance of employee appreciation which produces outstanding customer service and influences your entire team to be successful.  We believe that there are 5 components that can determine whether your team is starting off successfully or not.

  1. The first component of building a great team starts with your mindset--you have to establish a positive attitude and your team will follow. 
  2. The second component is fostering an environment for your employees that is enjoyable, which enables creativity, motivation and productivity. 
  3. The third component is constantly checking your actions and actively listening to feedback. 
  4.  The fourth component is hiring well.  Pay the money to have top talent on your team!
  5. The fifth component is discretion. Make sure you don't become disillusioned by the interviewee and get distracted.  Review their applications, ask detailed questions and strive for honest answers. 



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