Buying A Business You Know Nothing About

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In segments one and two of the Lifestyle Business Owner Radio Show, Aaron and Mayumi Muller sit down with Daniel Stralberg to talk about buying a business that you know nothing about!  

Daniel Stralberg is currently the owner of Vogel’s Carpet & Flooring, a floor covering retail store in North Seattle specializing in sales and installation of carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, area rugs and countertops

Prior to purchasing Vogel’s in 2016, Daniel was a business consultant for 18 years, including 4 years with accounting/consulting firm Arthur Andersen.  He has a broad range of business experience, including in management accounting, financial analysis, operations management, process improvements, and strategic analysis.   

In segment three, you learn more from Daniel on how you can buy a business that you have no knowledge in and still be very successful. This is also where Mayumi and Aaron talk about how to buy a business, grow your profits and make it run without you, while also discussing how to get the most out of your business when you are selling.  

In segment four, Aaron answers the following questions: 

  • You’ve talked about how important it is to get good at marketing if people want to own a successful business. What is the best way to get good at marketing?
  • I am a complete beginner when it comes to business. It sounds great and all when you talk about owning a business that runs without the owner, but I don’t know if I can do this. Sure, I can read your book and purchase your academy on how to become a lifestyle business owner, but it’s like the difference between reading a book on how to play the piano and actually playing the piano for 30 years. You and Mayumi can play a piano concert on stage because you’ve been doing this for 30 years. All I’ve done is read a book or take a class on how to play the piano. I am afraid to plunge my life savings into a business because I am really new at this, and I feel like simply reading a book or taking a class won’t prepare me to own a successful business compared to someone like you who has been doing this for 30 years?
  • I have two sons and I want to groom them to become business owners. What would you say are the most important skills I should teach them so that they can become successful business owners when they grow up?

How to Buy a Business from Start to Finish