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PJ Glassey became a fitness trainer when he was attending Seattle Pacific University while simultaneously obtaining his degree in Exercise Science.  PJ has always been driven and challenged himself and others to think outside the box.   His passion for training and love for innovation is how he pioneered a new workout program that only requires his clients to spend 21 minutes, twice a week in the gym to achieve amazing results. 

In 1989, PJ successfully opened his first gym.  Since then, he has been empowering individuals to set achievable goals, create a plan and stick with it.  Pj has also developed a fat-burning chocolate candy line and is author of the book Cracking Your Calorie Code.  Learn how to stay innovative and unique so that you can stay on top of your industry.


How did you get started?

  • Created a system that pushes the limits of fitness and health in an innovative, efficient way.
  • Through research,  PJ created a brain-type assessment for his clients that allows him to find the best exercise methods for each specific client based off their brain type which will produce the best results for them.
  • You have to know what works for their client and how their brain functions in order to keep them motivated and provide their best results. 

Why did you want to develop a new way of working out

  • Based off extensive research, PJ created a system that saves busy people time and keeps them away from injury.

How did you find your trainers?

  • The training program is a month long and they must have a background in health, fitness and anatomy. 
  • Most training is shadowing a current trainer and hands on work.
  • With a retention rate that is 4x greater than the industry standard, PJ ensures confidence, growth and continuous education his employees. 


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Tell us about your gyms

  • Boutique gym studio, either one-on-one or small groups.
  • Targeted towards business executives and allows them to efficiently and effective do what they need to do.


Why and how to you get into manufacturing candy?

  • PJ has a passion for making as many people as he can to be healthy-- including mind, body and spirit. 
  • Fat-burning coconut oil (MCT) is the main ingredient
  • Find other sugar-free recipes on his website



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