The Power of Old Fashioned Customer Service

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On this segment of the Lifestyle Business Owner Show, Aaron and Mayumi Muller welcome Stewart Patey, the owner of five Mattress City retail stores in the Puget Sound area.  Growing up, Stuart worked for four mattress stores and learned the do’s and don’ts of the industry.  The biggest do is customer service and Stuart has always had that be his #1 priority for his businesses. 

 “We have a vision unlike any other mattress store.”

Mattress City genuinely cares about their customers and gives them guided information when choosing their right mattress.  “The key is asking questions,” Stuart says, “When you take care of people and help them, they then want to share their experiences to friends and family.”  After opening up their first store, the next store came only a short 6 months after and rapid expansion of the brick and mortar retail shops took off. 



Having a family-owned retail store in the age of online shopping can have it's challenges and changes.  However, implementing systems and hiring employees who enjoy what they do and genuinely care about the customers-- your business will continue to flourish.  When looking to hire people for your business, having a clear vision of who you want to represent your company is key. 

 “I hire people who want to genuinely help others."

Whether your business is online or has a physical store location, you need to ensure that you are providing the best customer service possible.  Find out what has worked or hasn't worked for your business and use that as a model for your future endeavors.  Customers appreciate the full-service experience and they deserve it!  Receiving 5-star reviews and referrals doesn't come from providing a product-- it comes from training your team to treat all customers with the upmost respect, being transparent and having a positive 'can-do' attitude. 



Regardless of the business' industry, there will always be competition.  Learning how to combat business crisis' allows business owners to respond appropriately and able to acclimate to new systems that may work better. Some of the business crisis' that we are faced with can be:

  1. Running out of money
  2. Lack of Sales
  3. Losing a good employee
  4. Not being able to hire a key employee
  5. Accidents on the job
  6. Losing a large job or contract

When crisis' occur that are out of our control we need to respond effectively and quickly in hopes to not waste time and efforts for all involved. 

  1. Put yourself in situations where these crisis’ don’t and won’t affect your business.
  2. Understand what you can and can't control-- and focus your time accordingly.
  3. Deal with the situations professionally and quickly 



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