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On this segment of the Lifestyle Business Owner Radio Show, Mayumi and Aaron Muller welcome Super Charge Marketing founder, Matt Cail.  Since 2007, Matt has successfully assisted businesses with their social media, search engine marketing, website design, and online advertising.  Super Charge Marketing provides digital marketing services and website design to Northwest businesses for years and is still as excited as ever to give up his secrets.

Websites are fantastic for representing your brand and business, more so than social media at times.  Ideally you want your social media presence and your website to build off of each other and hire a team to manage the strengths of each platform.   The customers want to experience amazing customer service, a functional, user-friendly website and consistency on social media channels.  



Whether you are signed up for annual updates with your website development team or not, you still need to make sure you are keeping the content on your site fresh and current. Updating your website is beneficial and generally managed by your web dev. team.   Blogging is one of the quickest ways to gain visibility inside and outside of your typical client base. Blogging increases how frequent your website is indexed which allows for a higher ranking.

When you are a small business owner, having an effective, user-friendly website that provides your customers or prospective customers with easy to follow information is key.   You want to keep customers on your website and provide pages and tabs for more detailed and extensive readers, and easy to read content for customers searching for less-extensive content.   Find out how to enhance your website and attract more customers.

  1. Convince. Compete. Produce Results
  2. Call to Action(s)
    • Options are great, but make sure your customers are able to be decisive
    • The Rule of One: What is the one thing you want your customer(s) to do on your website? That will help drive the direction you want them to go.
  3. Responsive Websites
    • 'Responsive' means your site is smart and responds to different screen sizes, such as a mobile device, tablet or various desktop screens.
    • Test your site to see if it is mobile-friendly or not. 
  4. Keep it Current
    • Find a website development team to keep your content polished, updated and current for you. 
    • If you are consistently adding new material, you will avoid having to pay more down the road because of the maintenance you are doing now. 



Aaron and Mayumi Muller became Certified Practitioners for Myers Briggs (MBTI).  MBTI helps people to identify their unique gifts through a series of questions regarding your personality.  By utilizing the information gathered, it allows Aaron and Mayumi to better understand their employees including what motivates them, empowers them, their strengths and where there is room for growth.  For others, understanding your MBTI is self-affirming and encourages cooperation with others involved.

There are 8 dichotomies that make up 16 different types:


If you are a small business owner, taking the extra time and care to get to know your employees strengths and gifts is critical.  If you are interested in taking the Myers Briggs assessment, don't wait.

  • Go to
  • Enter your name and email
  • Message us and we'll send you and assessment



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