Printers, Cartridges, and Being a Retail Business Owner

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On this segment of The Lifestyle Business Owner Radio Show, Aaron and Mayumi Muller welcome franchise business owner, Bill Johns, who exposes the secrets of owning and operating a successful brick and mortar in today’s society.  Small business owners find innovative ways to be smarter in business and save money.  Supporting local businesses enables companies to optimize it's reach by building relationships, establishing roots, and word of mouth refferals. 

Over a decade ago, Johns’ purchased his first Cartridge World franchise  and since then he's been providing his loyal customers with refurbished ink cartridges, printer supplies and outstanding support.  There are endless benefits to working with other local business owners, paying attention to the important details related to being a franchise business owner and what it takes to survive as a Brick and Mortar business in today's business environment.



As the retail market changes, small business franchise owners work tirelessly to compete in the evolving e-commerce era, where products are cheaper and easily accessible.  This notion allows the customer to feel as thought they are being selective, pre meditative and organized with all of the e-commerce options.   Similarly to Cartridge World, Brick and mortar’s must provide the highest quality service and support to their customers—the service should outshine the product.  

Whether you are starting a new business or buying a franchise, the communication with your employees and your customers needs to be one of ease and patience.  You want to strive to have continuous foot traffic and raving reviews around your area-- to build your brand and grow your profits. 



Trying to navigate the complex world of marketing and advertising can be confusing for a small business owner, especially initially due to high price commitments.  How do you know the correct platform to use if you are still trying to build your profits?  Let’s talk about the 5 common mistakes in marketing that every business owner should know:

  1. Thinking that advertising equals marketing.

  2. Assuming that effective marketing must be expensive.

  3. Giving up the responsibility of managing your marketing.

  4. Ignoring the customer’s perspective.

  5. Test and track your results. You can't always use the same approach.



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