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On this segment of the Lifestyle Business Owner Radio Show, Aaron and Mayumi Muller welcome James Alberson, owner and principal of Sandler Training in Tukwila, WA.  James is a national sales expert, business speaker and helps business owners improve their sales effectiveness. With a background in medical sales, James has always had a passion for sales and the support he experiences from the Sandler franchise has been fulfilling and provided incredible growth. 

For James, sales is about behavior and communication--are you doing the right things consistently to put yourself in front of the right clients? And once you are out in front of these prospective clients are you asking the right questions and taking the correct steps to keep those clients? Learn about the importance of having a well-trained sales team of professionals to represent your company and how to get there.



What type of belief do you have? And what type of belief should you have?  Whether you are cold calling prospective members or closing deals in a scheduled meeting, all sales team members can use training.  One of the most important sales techniques is to uncover what your clients needs are.

You should always give your clients permission to investigate and listen to your message. If they are giving you their time, don't waste it!  The same model needs to be reflective in your sales team.  How do you hire good people?  You have to have an objective assessment in your hiring process, you can’t always go with your gut! You must understand the competencies and behaviors that potential employees have.



 Last week on the Lifestyle Business Owner Radio Show, we discussed the importance of building a great team.  You need to instill passion, drive and desire in your employees and that comes from your attitude and how you see the business and them!  The 2 components we covered last week were:

  1. Having the right mindset 
  2. Hiring well

This week we are completing this segment by starting with the 3rd component—training well.  Training is a continual process that needs to happen on a quarterly basis.  Training on a quarterly basis introduces new concepts to your employees and gives them the refresher course they need!  This enables efficiency and motivation—it helps your employee and your business by making your employees work more effectively for your business and for themselves.

The 4th component is good employee retention by identifying what your employees communication style is, what motivates them and what triggers them. Give your employees the power to express their needs and take it upon yourself, as a business owner,  to learn how to better serve them.  

  • Incentives
  • Following your own rules
    • Practice what you preach
  • Include your employees in decision making, the conversations will improve empowerment and validation for your employees and continue to establish trust and ownership. 

The 5th component has to deal with handling challenges and how business owners should deal with them.

  • Make sure you are always treating your employees with the upmost respect.
    • Do not avoid issues--be direct and make sure your verbiage is effectively reflecting your core message.  



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