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On this segment of The Lifestyle Business Owner Radio Show, Aaron and Mayumi Muller sit down with Rob Huehnerhoff and discuss the goods and the bads of being business partners and tips for success. From hiring to successfully running multiple businesses together-- Rob and Aaron expose the benefits, opportunities and struggles of business partnership. 

Owner of 8 multi-million dollar companies and author of The Lifestyle Business Owner, Aaron Muller has always been an entrepreneur.  But every success business owner got their start somewhere and Aarons start began in high school under the mentorship of Rob, now business partner for over 25 years.



In 1985, Rob started his first pressure washing business. Having a background in customer service and a yearning to ‘get out and do his own thing,’ Rob decided start his own business and run it part-time until he had the ability to quit his full time job and pursue his business only.  After a few years of tirelessly working trying to build his business, Rob was seeking a major change in his business and also his life. Seeing his family, going on vacations, expanding his business and managing everything life threw at him—his timing meeting Aaron couldn’t have been more ideal.

Aaron was a high school student whom responded to Rob’s flier for an opportunity to work during the summer and make some extra money. Unbeknownst to him –Aaron was laying the framework and setting the stage for future partnerships and business mentorship beyond his dreams.



Whether you have addressed them or not, there will always be challenges within your business partnership—and that’s okay!  It doesn’t matter if this is your first, tenth or hundredth business you’ve owned; when challenges occur and it’s our job to respond effectively to our partners. Remember this, challenges are an opportunity to think smarter and then come up with solutions!

Whether this is your first, tenth or thousandth business you’ve owned—there will always be challenging times within your business partnership and that’s okay! Challenges make you think harder to come up with solutions! 

#1 Establishing Roles

  • Communication is always key
  • Business partnerships and marriages are similar! You have a common goal, you establish strengths and weaknesses and you communicate to give each other what the other person needs to be successful.
  • Confidence
    • Be willing to delve into other things-- don't put limitations on you, your partner(s) or your employees

 #2 Strategic Planning

  • Assess problems, create solutions and implement systems to make your business more effective for the people around you.
  • Invest in making the jobs of your employees easier and more effective for them
  • Having a common vision of where you want the business to go

 #3 Giving Some Up Now To Get More Later

People often times ask us, “How did you know when to step out and let your employees and/or partners, step it?"  Well, there’s no easy answer to this. In my experience, I have found that I set the bar.  My employees and partners know how I work and I know how they work.

  • Trust and listen to your employees and partners.
  • Be efficient with your time, energy and money!
  • Invest in making the jobs of your employees easier and more effective for them and the comapny.
    • This allows trust to be instilled and sets the tone for how you correspond with the people working with you to build your business.



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