How Social Media Affects Your Brand and Image

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On this segment of the Lifestyle Business Owner Radio Show, Aaron and Mayumi Muller sit down with Kristy Petersen, co-owner of SMG Models, the original Northwest- based talent management company.  Kristy has been in the fashion industry for close to 30 years, having worked at Ford Models Paris before she took over the family business.  Like most businesses, the modeling industry is constantly changing and agencies have utilized tools such as social media, to scout new talent and assist other models with navigating their own entrepreneurial careers. 

Models have gone from being 'just a pretty face' to actually having a voice and using social media platforms to confront major prevalent social issues. Models have opened up about their bodies, beauty and brains and changing the perceptions and stereotypes of the modern model. Social media has also been a driving force for up and coming models, whom are becoming influencers and building their brand with or without a model agency.  



Companies looking to advertise typically reach out to macro-influencers on social media platforms to sponsor products. Modeling Agencies have found a new purpose in the industry; to help these social media influencers navigate the realm of social media marketing and attain work from businesses looking to promote their products.

Similarly, we can look at other industries and see how social media platforms have greatly increased productivity due to efficiency.  When you allow your businesses to evolve you learn how to benefit from new channels and platforms to enable success.   Regardless of your experience, you need to determine how you want to market yourself moving forward and how you want to develop your brand. 


"If you aren't growing, you're dying."


Last week on the LBO segment, we discussed how to dominate in your industry in the new year.

  1. Focus on yourself
    1. Build your company up & don't worry about your competition
  2. Gain Visibility
    1. Set up your marketing foundation 
  3. Best Customer Service
    1. Training your team

You need to provide a quality product and service.  If you want recurring business, referrals and new customers-- you need to have outstanding customer service and think like a franchise. You need to have uniformity and consistency to be provided every time, which creates overall increased customer experience. Customer retention is the most important thing for small to medium size businesses because they are either sending new customers to you or away from you. 







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