"Don't build a business.
Build a lifestyle."

- Aaron and Mayumi Muller

Serial Entrepreneurs

Aaron and Mayumi Muller currently own eight multimillion-dollar companies that run without them, including an eco-friendly truck washing company, a search engine optimization company, three auto repair shops, an auto glass franchise, a green pressure washing company, a matchmaking service, and an online business selling eco-friendly pet hair removers.

Leading Business Coach

Aaron spends his time helping entrepreneurs succeed because it is what he enjoys doing. Over the last 15 years, Aaron has mentored thousands of small business owners as a business broker, consultant, and coach. His specialty? How to make a business run without you.

Step-by-Step Advice

Mayumi is known for her direct, actionable advice. She holds nothing back and tells it like it is. Our online courses and live seminars put complex business strategies into easy-to-follow, step-by-step formulas so that anyone can start from scratch and become a successful business owner.

Learn to be a lifestyle business owner

Own a business that makes you a 6-figure income, and runs by itself.

A Kid Who Didn't Attend College

Aaron grew up with limited means and never went to college. He started his first business selling shrimp at age 11, and got his first real job washing trucks as a laborer at age 15. Aaron was determined to become an entrepreneur and learned everything about business in the school of hard knocks. He has owned or co-owned over 20 companies in the Pacific Northwest and still owns 8 companies today.

Lifestyle Business Owner

Over the years, Aaron figured out how to operate a profitable business in the community that runs without the owner. Imagine making a 6-figure income as a business owner while working as little as 5 hours per week. Aaron partnered with his wife Mayumi and started teaching others how to become lifestyle business owners.

Family of Five Children

Aaron and Mayumi Muller live in the greater Seattle area. They have five kids. Aaron enjoys spending time with his family and coaching flag football at the Boys and Girls Club. Mayumi enjoys modeling and community service.

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